Offshore Outsourcing: Local Representation


Scientific Concepts is a software systems outsourcing company with a difference.


We're based in Cambridge, with our own development centre in Bangalore, India.


That means you get all the benefits of offshore software development but with local representation in the UK.


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St John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road, Cambridge
United Kingdom


Our customer base has always been extremely broad and our portfolio includes projects in retail and catering, offshore transport, film and audio restoration, printing, education and government. Rather than having a dedicated industry focus, we specialise in Microsoft's suite of technologies, particularly .NET.

The systems we develop may typically be broadly categorised as either web-based solutions or stand-alone Windows applications. A few examples of our work are described in the sections below.

ISM Alliance, Inc.

ISM Alliance, Inc. is owned by Joe Florentine who is a 25-year veteran in the food-service and hospitality industries and entrepreneur. Joe was in need of a more comprehensive employee management software system to help him operate his restaurants more efficiently. As no such system existed, he founded ISM Alliance, Inc. and engaged our team of developers to help him create the current ISM application,

The application is a staff and roster management platform targeting restaurant and hospitality organisations with multiple outlets. The application allows managers at individual outlets to lay plans for their respective staff while providing tools for monitoring and tracking to supervisors at the organisation's head office. The roster management functionality at the core of the system is augmented by multitude of associated features including holiday bookings, shift-exchange requests, SMS notifications and SharePoint integration. ISM Alliance offers the application to other organisations under the Software-as-a-Service model.

The application is exclusively web based and is built using an Entity Data Model architecture on a .NET 3.5, C# and MSSQL platform. The user interface relies heavily on RadControls from Telerik that provide the application with superior front-end looks and usability.

Laser Interface Photonics I/S

Laser Interface Photonics I/S specialise in high-end laser scanning technology and the company's top product is SoundDirect. SoundDirect is a soundtrack reader system, which uses laser scanning technology to read optical soundtracks from film negatives in a fashion that minimises the distortion and noise inherent in negatives. The end users of SoundDirect are typically film archives and post-production labs that transfer and restore historic feature and documentary films.

We have for Laser Interface Photonics developed a specialist software application which further improves restoration and refinement of soundtracks recorded off film. The application has an advanced module for simulating the photographic exposure process that occurs when film positives are developed from negatives and vice versa. The application also incorporates a range of sophisticated proprietary algorithms for processing of the recorded audio and reduction of artefacts.

The SoundDirect-VD software runs as a module in the SoundDirect system suite or as a stand-alone Windows application built on .NET and DirectX and is presently in its third version. The data processing that underpins the application has been highly optimised to effectively cope with the processing intensive algorithms and large data volumes the application handles.

J. Poulsen Shipping A/S

J. Poulsen Shipping A/S operates a fleet of ships for transport of extremely heavy goods for the offshore and related industries.

For J. Poulsen Shipping we have developed a highly tailored Customer Relation Management platform. The solution includes a dedicated project/bid management module, which has become central to the sales efforts at J. Poulsen Shipping and has greatly improved the effectiveness of their sales team.

The system is built on a Windows SharePoint Services platform with custom web parts, pages and features developed by our team to provide the unique functionality and user interface required by J. Poulsen Shipping.