Offshore Outsourcing: Local Representation


Scientific Concepts is a software systems outsourcing company with a difference.


We're based in Cambridge, with our own development centre in Bangalore, India.


That means you get all the benefits of offshore software development but with local representation in the UK.


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St John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road, Cambridge
United Kingdom


We deliver advanced software solutions to customers in a diversity of industry verticals. The common aspect of the solutions and services we provide is the underlying technology platform. We work exclusively with Microsoft's suite of technologies.

ASP.NET Solutions

Our core business is the development of bespoke ASP.NET solutions. These system are typically built in C# with an ADO or LINQ backend. Solutions are developed from scratch based on customers' requirements. We have clients in both the commercial and government sectors and our work and system solutions provide them essential tool sets that support them in optimising their daily workflows and managing their business-critical information.

SharePoint Solutions

Our team has extensive experience with the deployment of bespoke SharePoint solutions and our expertise goes much beyond the customisation of Web Parts. Besides developing standalone SharePoint solutions, we are particularly skilled in integrating SharePoint with existing live systems and data sources. We build fully fledged systems with SharePoint as the core engine that provide our customers with easily maintainable, flexible yet hugely scalable IT solutions.

Windows Application Development

Our software expertise spans well beyond web-based solutions and we have a devoted team dedicated to application development for Microsoft Windows. The applications team is particularly accomplished in the development of graphics intensive applications, i.e., applications with graphical rather than form-based interfaces. Our Windows application development is complemented by our Windows Services experts who focus on interface-less services and applications.

Performance Optimised Applications

In addition to our business systems development teams we have dedicated experts with in-depth understanding of performance optimised development and real-time systems. Past deployments include custom systems for real-time stereo-vision processing and advanced digital audio processing and restoration. These systems draw on our combined in-house expertise in .NET and advanced mathematics and statistics.

Off-the-Shelf Implementations

Systems that call for a substantial proportion of standardised functionality may be facilitated by a 3rd party framework or Content Management System (CMS) to assist a rapid and cost-effective delivery. For Off-the-Shelf deployments we most frequently use Kentico; a mature commercial CMS platform. Systems in this category are typically ecommerce portals or content-focused websites with limited requirements for specialised features.